Gold Membership

Gold Membership

Unlimited Classes Monday-Sunday Online Class Booking System
Silver Membership

Silver Membership

3 Classes Per Week Online Class Booking System
Teens MMA Membership

Teens Membership

3 Classes per Week Online Class Booking System
MMA Beginner Course

MMA 6 Week Beginner Course

For anyone interested in joining the club specifically for Mixed Martial arts. With no prior background, then we require students to complete the 6 week beginners MMA course. Which consists of two classes a week. Sunday: 1200/1300 Wednesday: 1800/ 1900 In the two sessions, you will cover fundamental techniques from striking- wrestling- Brazilian jujitsu & how to transition them together. You will also build a solid base of fitness to progress you forward in your martial arts journey. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an MMA certificate. This will then allow you to join any of our MMA sessions on the time table. The course is £75 for 6 weeks (Approx £6/class) The next course will begin on the Sunday 1 November.